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FAQ’s For Body Creations Ink, Springfield, MO

Do tattoos hurt?

Generally, no as tattoo equipment has come along way. Some feel them more than others depending on the placement. Remember this, if they were so painful no one would ever get tattooed. An experienced tattoo artists, not tattooist, will have a light hand and not go to deep. This does make all the difference in the world as the needles will be set to graze the surface of the skin. You do not need to go deep to have a great looking tattoo.
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?

Each individual is different from the other meaning, not everyone feels pain the same as the other person. I can tattoo someone on the front shoulder and he/she might not feel it as the other person might say it was intense. Keeping this in mind here are a few places that people tend to complain more often than not

Under arm pits

Stomach or lower hips

Lower back

Under the buttocks or back thighs

Between the thighs




Achilles Heel or back calf area

Can I go in the sun after I get tattooed?

We do not recommend it for 30 days as this will dramatically affect the healing process. Yes, the sun does fade the tattoo over a period of time. Sun damages the skin by pulling all the nutrients from the skin and that is why over exposure to the sun can make skin look like leather or aged. The best protection for your skin/tattoo is to avoid sun altogether, but if you are going to be in the sun make sure you use all natural/organic products as they are non toxic and biodegradable which is better for you and the environment. Look for products with either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, natural minerals for sound UV protection or choose plant-based ingredients, such as green-tea extract, which are high in antioxidants, and their anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent sun damage and minimize burn damage, if it does occur.
Can I go swimming or the lake after I get a tattoo?

Not for at least 2 weeks or 30 days as this can cause serious infection due to bacteria in the lakes and chlorine in pools. The tattoo is an open wound for several weeks and needs to heal and develop a scab or close over.
Do color tattoos fade more than solid black or black and gray tattoos.

No, this is a myth and if any tattooist, not tattoo artist, tells you this does not know what he/she is talking about. The difference between a tattooist and tattoo artist is experience in the field and being able to do custom work as oppose to just being able to do flash work, which is tracing. An experience tattoo artist will be able to give you the best advice and aftercare for your tattoo. Now, ultimately the tattoo is your responsibility. Meaning, what you do with the tattoo when you leave the shop is your responsibility. We can only give you advice and aftercare and this should be followed to the letter. If you do not follow the instructions given, there is a greater chance that your tattoo will not heal properly.
Can you tattoo over scars and or stretch marks?

Yes, depending on the severity of the scar and or stretch marks. We often call this camouflaging. Which means taking away or drawing attention away from the scar and or stretch mark. Depending on the severity of the scar it can take a while to heal and lay down. Some scars are raised (keloid), which means the scar is deep and is very hard to tattoo over. This means, the cells of the skin are damaged (depending on the severity) and will have a hard time accepting the ink as opposed to healthy cells accepting the ink with ease. Tattooing over scars and or stretch marks takes a very skilled tattoo artist. Knowing this, please make sure the tattoo artist has proven ability through his/her portfolio.
Can I tattoo a mole?

We do not recommend it. More often than not moles are benign, but if the mole indicates a change in color a problem may be arising. If the mole is tattooed over you can not see the change in color. If the tattoo artist is skilled in this area he/she shall recommend tattooing around the mole and incorporating the mole into the tattoo.
Can you use numbing cream?

Topical antiseptic only works with broken skin and generally does not last long ( 15 – 30 minutes). The skin does not accept the ink as well due to the numbing ingredients in the topical solution. Most tattoo artist will not recommend it or even carry the topical solution.
How much do tattoos cost?

The saying, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely correct. Quality work does not come cheap. We have been in the business for over 15 years and seen many tattooist care more about the money than the quality of the tattoo. The clients are like a herd of cows get them in and get them out. The more tattoos I do the more money I make. The faster a tattoo goes the quality of work goes out the window. Tattoos are not about how fast they can get done, but the quality of the tattoo. We have seen many customers come in and regret their tattoo because they went cheap and it shows. We do many cover – ups from tattooist that have no business calling themselves tattoo artists. Never, ever, ever haggle over a tattoo. We are not a pawn shop and it is very disrespectful to the artist.
Are tattoos safe?

Absolutely, as long as you are in a reputable licensed and health inspected shop. Here is your safety check list:
Is there an autoclave (Sterilizing machine)?

Ask to see the shop and how they sterilize everything. You have a right to ask for these things and the shop should never hesitate to show you around

Are they licensed and insured?

Look around the shop for cleanliness

Are there gloves involved in setting up for the tattoo

Are the needles packaged and sterilized

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